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My In-Person Rates


Are you looking for a warm, caring Mommy or a strict Nanny?

Does the sensation of breastfeeding, and/or suckling at large, firm breasts create tingly, fuzzy feelings inside?

Do you crave having your very own AB size crib, high chair & change table with which to play out your fantasies?

Would you enjoy being spoon-fed, cradled, nurtured, & given the opportunity to relax & be a child again?

I can provide the mothering you desire for a modest fee.

I have my own nursery in North Burnaby, BC. Canada. Overnights are welcome =)

Here are some possible fun activities:

For Adult Babies:

  • Change your diapers using lotions, powders, & oils / have a nap in the crib
  • Play with toys / Mommy could read stories or sing lullabies
  • Have a bath / tickling session / shave you/ feed you / watch cartoons together & cuddle
  • Walk outside (with diapers on under clothing)
As a young one, or even an older child, you might find you want to be naughty & have your backside tanned over Mommy's knee. I have a stable of implements, methods & positions to teach you how to behave! You are never too old for a spanking!

I enjoy age regression from newborn to late teens. Whether you are new or still exploring, we will create an experience together that will stay with you forever!!

That's it, sweetheart, come to Mommy! :)  


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